Chimney Services in Windsor and throughout the Greater Madison, WI Area

In the Windsor and Greater Madison area, having a chimney on your property is very common. When you have a chimney, it will help ensure you can get rid of smoke and exhaust properly. Due to the value and importance of a chimney, it is essential to have it repaired by someone you can trust. One company that has continued to serve the local community for a long time is Expert Chimney. This company offers various services, including chimney reconstruction and chimney repair, to ensure you can keep your chimney in good condition.

Chimney Repairs

One of the reasons why Expert Chimney has been able to serve the community for so long is that they offer top chimney repairs. It is a good idea to have the company come out at least once per year to have your chimney inspected. They can then do various chimney and fireplace repairs to keep your system working well. Some common repairs you will need could include installing metal and concrete caps, replacing the lining, and making other repairs that may be needed on occasion.

Chimney Reconstruction

Another one of the services that you can receive from Expert Chimney is a full reconstruction service. There are times when a brick or other type of chimney will wear down to a point where it is not working properly and needs serious structural work. In these situations, it would be a good idea for you to have the entire chimney reconstructed. When Expert Chimney helps with this, they can take down the existing chimney and rebuild a new one. This will ensure the chimney is properly reconstructed and offers the support you need.

For those looking to keep their chimney in good condition, calling the team with Expert Chimney is a good idea. They offer a variety of services, great customer care, and have been supporting the community for nearly 20 years. You can reach Expert Chimney by dialing (608) 280-1012. When you do call, you can have all of your questions answered and even schedule a consultation at your home to receive a quote and start the process of having your chimney properly repaired.

100% tuck-pointing, 100% flashing, and concrete cap

Additional Services

Here at Expert Chimney we offer a variety of chimney services including complete rebuilds, metal or concrete caps, flashing, tucking, fireplace chimney lining, and more! We set up a safe work area for all of our jobs. We bring all of the equipment necessary for the job, and our equipment runs off of a Honda generator (not your homes). We ensure the whole project gets completed the whole way through no matter what chimney service you need, and we make sure to clean up our entire project afterwards with a no mess guarantee. If your chimney needs work done, reach out to us today!

Before, during, and after our recent three row rebuild with a concrete cap

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